It must have been ‘FATE’….

Tell me how many times one come across people who are frustrated and blames fate for their present condition or who are not happy as things didn’t turned out the way they hoped and now they blame it on fate? Well, the answer is quite obvious – countless. Talks about fate, destiny and others goes on every now and then; for some it’s an excuse, as things went wrong and opposite to what they hoped for; while for others it’s a reason, due to unexpected outcomes and a cause for happiness. Nevertheless, whatever we call it – fate, destiny, etc. – it seems lingering around somewhere close to us, though we are not aware of it – as it appears.

Nowadays, people find it more easy to follow that to reason it out; and this is one reason why people are obsessed with the concept of fate and destiny even at this age. One must have come across people who sounds like losers when they say that things could have been different if they had done this or that some decades ago, but now it’s of no use mentioning – and then blame it on fate and stuff. Then there are people who badly wants to be independent and thinks that they are not the ones taking the decisions in their life and the decisions are being forced onto them by some reason or the other. This makes them unhappy and as ever their reason is fate.

Although it’s hard to believe, but the truth is that in our life we are the only ones who take decisions and whatever follows is the outcome of the decisions we took. Right from the birth we have the liberty and freedom to take our decisions; if this is being independent then we all are so. Life requires us to take decisions at each corner and every bit of decision in our life is taken by ourselves. In our life we have to make choices every now and then, at times we are even spoilt for choices, but at the end it’s us who decide what to choose. Though sometimes the decisions we take are based on suggestions made by others, and there are times when we take decisions considering some cause, and even in times when we decide to follow some trends or causes; but, eventually the decision is ours and we should stick to our decisions and feel good about the fact that after all it’s us who got to decide in our life. So, all the people who blame it on fate and destiny lamely, must realize that at some point of time they took a decision, other than the one they wish they had taken, and it’s the outcome of their decision. And people who thank their fate must realize that they took some risks which paid off and it was their call to take the risk.

So, as far as one’s life is concerned, it’s them who make the calls and take the decisions; and as far as taking their own decision is under concern – they are independent to do so. Just be proud of yourself and your decisions. Enjoy. 🙂

P.S. This was my first-ever post, back from my early college days, and decided to start this space by keeping this one.


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