Set HER free…

Homemakers vs. working women, who manage their families better – an age-old saga that has gained more prominence in recent times, when we are coming of age from the ancient ideology of men going out to work to sustain a living for their family while women stay at home tending the family.

Let’s take a look at what all we expect from a homemaker or to put in a different way as to what a homemaker has to offer. A homemaker plays the key roles of a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a teacher, a friend amongst others. She tends the house, attend the needs of every member, cook food, supervise the maids, do daily chores, provide drop and pick up support to school for her children, check on the family member from time to time, get the groceries on time, pay the bills, and more.

Now if we look at our working women, we don’t expect anything less than what a homemaker has to offer. She has to continue playing all those different roles she would have played as a homemaker – no concessions. In addition to those she has to get back home with a decent pay-cheque at the end of month and she is not to allow her work life affect her personal life.

The allure of holding down the domestic fort is stronger for women than men. This doesn’t mean that a women is to solely commit to tend her family. Managing her family can’t be her only goal in life. She too has a life outside the four walls. She too have her dreams to live for. We are defeating the very purpose of education if we are confining her or limiting her goals! When parents raise their daughter, send to school, later to college, they want their daughter to live her own life. If cooking food, taking care of the children, and tending household chores is what someone expect from his spouse, then it’s better he marries a maid or nanny!

Women are blessed with certain qualities, and tending, multitasking and managing their families comes to them naturally. She can equally devote her time to work and family and manage both pretty good. Staying at home and watching her kinds and furniture grow won’t do any good to her. She should go out, get exposed to the outside world, meet new people, travel to new places, do what they love to, life her life. For a working women, her work means more than just the money she gets from it. Whether she works full-time, part-time or anytime, she is pursuing something which she wants, doing something for herself – she cease to merely exist and starts living.

Why working women manage family better:

1. Being engaged in something will only keep her happy and busy; this keeps reduce her time for worries and the results will visible at home.

2. Travelling to new places, meeting new people only exposes her to the good and makes her learn a lot than what was taught at school, keeps her updated of what’s happening around her, and this helps her grow as an individual.

3. Colleagues and friends at workplace results in better social life and also reduce the emotional dependency from family members.

4. Being Independent would inspire her children to take up the same path, share responsibilities and be independent from an early age.

5. Additional income means greater savings, getting those things which were planned since long, spending on those craved items, and also that dream vacation! And an increase in GDP.

6. Better control over emotions both at work and home, means lesser outbursts and less complaints.

7. Better efficiency at work and home, as you split your time to get your things done.

8. ‘Quality’ time with family once at home from work.

9. The spouse gets to share the daily chores with her, which strengthens their bonding and helps the love grow.

10. Expands her comfort zone, helps her channelize her energies and provides her a satisfaction of doing her little bit for herself, for being free.

Few things to take care as a working woman is to have your priorities fixed, that work life shouldn’t eat away the time from her personal life, nor affect her personal life, and marry someone for love not financial security. High time we break from the ideology that women are to stay at home. Let’s put our education to practice; set her free!

P.S. Sharing this post, which I wrote for an event on the occasion of Women’s Day this year. 


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