Beat the Heat !!

The temperature is rising, the summer is here and we are on the lookout to beat the heat. While some are holidaying in some cooler parts, some are setting their tans right, and the rest is having their share of fun at home. Summer holidays have been an integral part as we grew up. At school we used to be all excited and eagerly awaited the summer break, to visit our native place, to go out on holiday, have fun time with family and friends. Later in our college days, the fun part slowly gave way to a more professional touch as projects, internships occupied the break. And then once in professional world, summer breaks finally starts giving out – with summer breaks becoming fewer as a bachelor, and occasional as a parent trying to maintain the work-life-balance‘.

The question that pops out is, “Should working parents get summer holidays?”
Let’s have a look at what summer breaks for working parents have to offer us: Continue reading “Beat the Heat !!”