Beat the Heat !!

The temperature is rising, the summer is here and we are on the lookout to beat the heat. While some are holidaying in some cooler parts, some are setting their tans right, and the rest is having their share of fun at home. Summer holidays have been an integral part as we grew up. At school we used to be all excited and eagerly awaited the summer break, to visit our native place, to go out on holiday, have fun time with family and friends. Later in our college days, the fun part slowly gave way to a more professional touch as projects, internships occupied the break. And then once in professional world, summer breaks finally starts giving out – with summer breaks becoming fewer as a bachelor, and occasional as a parent trying to maintain the work-life-balance‘.

The question that pops out is, “Should working parents get summer holidays?”
Let’s have a look at what summer breaks for working parents have to offer us:

1. Shed that guilt and stress – most working parents suffer from guilt, arising from not being able to spend time with their children and family during the breaks, and not being able to strike a balance between their two-worlds stresses them out. So summer breaks for working parents would result in them spending quality time with their children and family which eventually would de-stress them and count for guilt free days to come.

2. Get organised – with the summer break around the corner, working professionals would strive hard to meet deadlines and get all their jobs completed on time, so that they can enjoy their break without any backlog. This helps the individuals in growing more organised and subsequently increases their efficiency at work.

3. Renew the Networks – breaks are the perfect time to renew all your networks. Pay a visit to a childhood friend of yours, or a relative, visit your native place, catch up with your friends. Renewing our networks strengthens the bonds, teaches our children to value relationships, revives our social life and deep down it fills us with an uncanny satisfaction.

4. Get your Act Together – A break from work is a good time to leave behind the daily blues of work at your workplace and spend some time by yourself. A time for you to relax, to reflect on your goals, to review your progress, to revamp your life.

5. Holiday by all means – enough of that planning and plotting for a family vacation. Get hold of some tickets to the place you have been longing to go with your family and/or friends. Go out shopping, catch the latest movies at the theaters, read some books. It’s a Holiday by all means, do whatever please you; rejuvenate yourself, and then join work with all guns blazing.

6. Pick up some activity – it’s been quite some time since you have been trying to join the gym, write a blog, play the piano, or pick up your paint brushes from where you left them, well there couldn’t be a better time to start/resume an activity you have been longing for.

7. Give others a chance to grow – from the viewpoint of an organization, breaks are the time to check out what potential an employee carries along when s/he is asked to fill in the shoes of somebody. This gives them a platform to learn, grow and develop as an individual. This also leads to better teamwork as members cover for each other during breaks.

So, to sum it up, summer breaks for working parents is quite an excellent idea.
The next question that comes up is, “how to go about it?”

  • Breaks should be spread over summer, winter, and depending on regional practices.
  • Employees are to avail a certain (say 30%) of their entitled leave as a seasonal break mandatorily.
  • Leave encashment rules within an organization are to be revised to motivate employees to take seasonal breaks.
  • Employees working with the same profile and/or department to span and cover out each other.

The summer holidays are here, so what are you up to!!
Have fun. Cheers 🙂


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