A Happy Mother

Karuna was pacing up and down the veranda, when the wall clock struck, letting her know it’s two-o’clock already. This did little good to her, as only her pace increased further. “Dipti should have been home by now – her school ends at 1:30 hrs and the school bus drops her near their house by 1:50 hrs” murmured a worried Karuna to herself. After a couple of quick calls made to her husband and mother, she sought some comfort taking a seat by the veranda while fidgeting with her pendant impatiently, awaiting her daughter Dipti’s return from school.

It all came back to Karuna in flashes. She remembered how during her childhood days days, her mother Disha used to wake up couple of hours before her, make breakfast for the family, pack her bag, get her ready, drop her to school, supervised all chores at home during daytime, attended the needs of all family members, and later in the day cooked meals, helped her with her studies. “Didn’t she get tired ever?” wondered Karuna, “and all I thought was that life was so unfair, as I had to wake up at 7:30 in the morning, attend school, do my homework, attend my dancing classes.” How her mother used to stay awake for the whole night attending her when she fell ill. How her mother would make up her bed and tell her stories till she fell asleep. How absurdly funny Karuna found when her mother got upset at her ‘little things’ – whether she returned late to home than scheduled, missed to receive her call, skipped her breakfast when at college, kept her room untidy. The priceless smile on her mother’s face, the sparkle in her eyes, when Karuna graduated with flying colours, got her first job, gifted her mother a saree from her first salary, got married to Raghav, gave birth to Dipti – ahh wouldn’t she do anything to she her mother’s face lit up like that every now and then.

“Fascinating,” thought Karuna as she reflected on how her mother has been there for her when she needed, be there for her in her success, illness, happiness, always inspiring and motivating her to move ahead in life, celebrating life with her. How patiently her mother would listen to all her queries and come up with her suggestions. All those advises and inputs from her mother, which she shrugs off as being silly and old-school even now, are actually the ones which pay off. How her mother would cook her favourite dishes for her, when she visits them, and keep the delicacies saved and stored so that she can have them again; she finds peace in feeding her. How selflessly her mother showered love to her all along without any demands for anything in return; she wouldn’t settle for anything but the best for her – the prettiest of dresses, the best of delicacies, the best of amenities, the best of life. No matter what the problem is – whether a broken thing, a misplaced item, a not so good deed, she always approaches her mother for she is the Mrs. Fix-it-all in her life. Till date her most entrusted and beloved friend to whom she can pour her heart out is her mother – from her first crush, first heartbreak, a recent book she read, her new neighbour, she can gossip about the whole world with her. Even today she runs down to embrace her mother when she feels down or hug her tightly and dance when she feels excited. A big smile lightened her face as she acknowledged the fact that for all she is today her mother has played a pivotal role in it. She was lost in her reflections, when the squeaking sound of front gate grabbed her attention, and she turned towards the gate to find Dipti entering the compound chirping along the way. She rushed to greet her daughter; she couldn’t control her happiness knowing the well-being of her child, as Karuna hugged on tightly to Dipti.

‘Maa’ – the first legitimate word we utter as new born. Maa being the first person we meet in this world. The person to whom we owe our life – for all the pain she has endured, all the care and love she has showered upon us in bringing us up and continues to do so. Always safeguarding the well-being and happiness of her child, she doesn’t settle for anything but the best for her child. That’s what makes her happy – to see her child happy, well-off independently, and being a person good at heart. Today, tomorrow and everyday, let’s celebrate it for all the mothers, as life wouldn’t be the same for without them. 


3 thoughts on “A Happy Mother

  1. Can anybody think of Hitler glorifying poetry or say a poor african child telling his experience of a multicuisine restaurant dish, well to be very honest Mr. writer had a third eye to see it from others perspective. It couldn’t have been put better by anybody who has been in the shade of his/her mother till now than you. Truely saswata there may be thousands of better writer worldwide but this piece of yours deserves respect.


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