Ripples of Joy

Nature is so vast, diversified and astounding. With her sheer raw power and breathtaking beauty, she keeps us amazed, all the time. We should take more time from our day to appreciate her. This is how grand the sky was looking at an evening in last week, while I was on my way back from work. (Location: Amona, Goa)

of Great Spirits….

Good Morning Friends.

Monday is here.
If you are up and running, well and good; if not, shake your back and get going.
Today is a good day to get a tick mark against the task(s) you have contemplated for some time now.
A good day to start something new.
Let’s kick-start with the week ahead.

I leave you with an inspiring quote from a great mind.

“Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”Albert Einstein

Have a Great Week ahead.