A Happy Mother

Karuna was pacing up and down the veranda, when the wall clock struck, letting her know it’s two-o’clock already. This did little good to her, as only her pace increased further. “Dipti should have been home by now – her school ends at 1:30 hrs and the school bus drops her near their house by 1:50 hrs” murmured a worried Karuna to herself. After a couple of quick calls made to her husband and mother, she sought some comfort taking a seat by the veranda while fidgeting with her pendant impatiently, awaiting her daughter Dipti’s return from school.

It all came back to Karuna in flashes. She remembered how during her childhood days days, her mother Disha used to wake up couple of hours before her, make breakfast for the family, pack her bag, get her ready, drop her to school, supervised all chores at home during daytime, attended the needs of all family members, and later in the day cooked meals, helped her with her studies. “Didn’t she get tired ever?” wondered Karuna, Continue reading “A Happy Mother”

Set HER free…

Homemakers vs. working women, who manage their families better – an age-old saga that has gained more prominence in recent times, when we are coming of age from the ancient ideology of men going out to work to sustain a living for their family while women stay at home tending the family.

Let’s take a look at what all we expect from a homemaker or to put in a different way as to what a homemaker has to offer. A homemaker plays the key roles of a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a teacher, a friend amongst others. She tends the house, attend the needs of every member, cook food, supervise the maids, do daily chores, provide drop and pick up support to school for her children, check on the family member from time to time, get the groceries on time, pay the bills, and more. Continue reading “Set HER free…”

Have It !!

Jenny loves to sleep on the left side of her bed; Debabrata shakes his legs when seated; Neha folds her arms, while Subendhu runs his fingers through his hair when talking to someone; Ravi brushes his teeth twice daily; the first thing Tarun does after returning from office is to log in Facebook; Anita checks her mobile phone in every 10 mins, even though there is no new notification; Sayantan likes to light up a smoke and read a book before hitting the bed at night; Amit checks his pockets frivolously before going out of the house; the singer in Vivek comes alive when he takes a bath; after checking a new mail, Greg re-reads previous mails and/or surfs the net for sometime before resuming work.

All of the above have one thing in common, the respective behavioral patterns of the individuals, keep repeating when faced with the identical situations, almost involuntarily; with time, they have grown to become our Habits. Continue reading “Have It !!”

It must have been ‘FATE’….

Tell me how many times one come across people who are frustrated and blames fate for their present condition or who are not happy as things didn’t turned out the way they hoped and now they blame it on fate? Well, the answer is quite obvious – countless. Talks about fate, destiny and others goes on every now and then; for some it’s an excuse, as things went wrong and opposite to what they hoped for; while for others it’s a reason, due to unexpected outcomes and a cause for happiness. Nevertheless, whatever we call it – fate, destiny, etc. – it seems lingering around somewhere close to us, though we are not aware of it – as it appears. Continue reading “It must have been ‘FATE’….”