Ripples of Joy

Nature is so vast, diversified and astounding. With her sheer raw power and breathtaking beauty, she keeps us amazed, all the time. We should take more time from our day to appreciate her. This is how grand the sky was looking at an evening in last week, while I was on my way back from work. (Location: Amona, Goa)


Ever since a kid, I am left spellbound and amazed  when I see thunderbolts. It’s so fascinating to watch the thunderbolts crack and split the sky. Physics provides us with numbers, but watching a thunderbolt flash from one end of the horizon to the other, it’s cracking sound as if it is tearing the sky apart, the enormity of the phenomena is sheer exciting and mind-boggling. One can relate to a thunderbolt with the untapped potential within oneself, the wild side of oneself. These are moments of madness.

Last evening when I heard the rumblings of thunder, I rushed to the balcony with my cell phone, and after 20 mins and 30-odd snaps, I managed to come up with this shot. Gratifying indeed for me, hope you enjoy it too. cheers 🙂

Thunder-Bolt !!

Colours of rain….

And then the sky full of dark clouds break free; the rain gods embrace us with their love; the aroma of the first rain drops feeling the earth; 83 mm rain they say in the news; the sweet sound of water drops hitting the roof; the meadows appear greener; the streets cleaner; playing football now has a new dimension – slide and here I go; puddle of water in the roads; jump-splash and smiles all around; all sorts of insects humming their tunes; the frogs joining the music; the ecstasy of dancing in the rain; colourful umbrellas pop out all over the streets; the screech of wipers; the smell of freshly prepared fries and tea; whoa! there goes a lightning strike; a bike ride – till the last inch of the soul gets drenched in love, and the pain washed away; a slight shiver down the back; the power supply goes for a toss; stories pour out as family and friends gather along; fireflies start their light show; both hands outstretched I run to embrace the rain – sink myself in this tranquility – a smile lit up – monsoon is here @ Goa 🙂

The clouds are about to break free....
The clouds are about to break free….
And then the rain embrace us....
And then the rain embrace us….